Workplace Pensions

Workplace Pensions will affect almost all employers in UK, regardless of size or turnover. This is the process of automatic enrolment of employees into workplace pension schemes and by 2018, all businesses must operate a pension scheme for qualifying employees.. We, at Integrity Accountancy, provide a cost effective service to ensure that you are compliant with your auto enrolment obligations, were we do all the hard work and you simply communicate the details to your employees, with our help.

At Integrity we take the hassle of setting up your workplace pension schemes and provide an ongoing monthly administrative service that will make sure, as an employer, you don’t feel the strain of the compliance work. Workplace pensions law states that even companies with an existing pension scheme in place will have to undertake additional duties and responsibilities which we can assist in.

The auto-enrolment team at Integrity are well trained and qualified and know how to set up a service that not only complies with workplace pension law but also covers all bases and makes sure both you and your employees get the best scheme possible.

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